Heat,malaria treatment herbs options

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Heat,malaria treatment herbs options

Published on 12-29-2015

"adufedapo" - this is their first post.

pls i want to know which herbs to take amidst many options for treatment of body heat and constant relapse of malaria almost on weekly basis? Kindly note that the heat issues is felt all over the body,especially on my thighs,stomach area neck and genital areas
Also what can be used for very poor erection problems,quick ejaculations,very poor sexual desire?
What can I also use to take care of sores(pimples like) on my back and around genitals?
What about black sports and pimples on my shoulders and back?

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Issues/Symptoms: malaria

Herbs: he shou wu

Formulas: shou wu wan, xiao chai hu tang wan, xiao feng wan

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Dec 2015

You should really see a practitioner in your local area to get a proper diagnosis and, accordingly, proper treatment. In general, however, you would be interested in “formulas that clear heat” and/or “formulas that expel wind” - particularly from the “release wind from the skin and channels” category. A formula like xiao feng wan --might-- be a good place to start - or xiao chai hu tang. But with other signs of weakness you have to be careful using too many heat clearing formulas. Other options would be something like shou wu wan - which the main ingredient “he shou wu” is useful for malaria.

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