Missed Abortion\Miscarriage

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Missed Abortion\Miscarriage

Published on 12-29-2015

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I am looking for some guidance on treating a woman who has experienced a missed abortion and would like to try acupuncture instead of going for a D&C. At the 10 week ultrasound the doctor discovered that the fetus stopped developing at around 6 weeks. At 10 weeks, she still has no sign of bleeding or passing on its own. Any guidance as to what treatment protocol would aid in miscarriage at this stage so she would not need a D&C. If after a few sessions there is no change, she will take medical intervention anyway.


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The treatment would be loosely similar to what you would use for a retained placenta post-delivery with modifications for the patients overall condition as appropriate. Generally, this would be the “four gates” - LI 4 and LV3, ST 28, GB 21, and LV 8. It can be more difficult after 10 weeks, but if it will work it is generally within a 2-5 sessions.

Posted: 12-29-2015

Do you think electroacupuncture would be indicated in such a case?

Posted: 12-29-2015

I think that would be up to the preference/training of each practitioner. In general, no, I don’t think there is an overwhelming reason to use electro for this. Moxa, however, would likely be very useful…

Posted: 12-29-2015

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Posted: 11-14-2016

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