Reproductive organ

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Reproductive organ

Published on 09-27-2016

"dushyant_khatri" - this is their first post.

How can we treat phimotic ring in tcm

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Acupoints: kd 3, ub 23, ub 32, ub 33, ub 34

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The kidney system controls the sphincters and the pudendal nerve comes from the second third and fourth sacral foramen. Some points I would use would be UB 23, [UB 32] (//, 33, 34 and KD 3. Depending on any other symptoms you might consider a few points from the ren/cv or du/gv channels as well.

Posted: 09-27-2016

Thank you so much… I wil try n let u know

Posted: 09-28-2016

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