Right hand feels sore

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Right hand feels sore

Published on 04-03-2017

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My right hand feels sore very fast (after 20 minutes) when I write or eat. So I use my left hand. Left hand also feels sore but right hand is more sorer than left hand. Why? What should I do? Can I do moxibustion? Which points?

Do I have spleen qi, blood and kidney deficiency because my digestion is slow, shortness of breath, always feel cold, bloating, knee pain, dizziness, right waist pain [when I speak too loud (sometimes)], fatigue, no strength (I am not able to lift a cup of water). My blood pressure is 110 / 70mmHg.

Kindly advice.

Thank you.

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Acupoints: li 10, st 36

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    More than likely you have carpal tunnel or some other nerve impingement in the arm or neck. You should first see a practitioner to properly figure out what your actual problem is and then which points will be more easily to discuss.

    If you have the other issues of weakness, you could try moxibustion on ST 36 and LI 10 along with some massage on the forearm and neck. But, again, your best results will come from seeing a practitioner locally who can properly diagnose your issues.

    Posted: 04-04-2017

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