Sudden inflammation

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Sudden inflammation

Published on 03-17-2017

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I am second year student of Acupuncture in Ireland. Just found for this helpfully place for my studying. Before one day I had sudden cystic acne ( I suppose) on chin. swollen under and painfully on touch. It happens few times per year but not big like this. At the moment I am practicing QiGong ( maybe this is cleaning). I was needling myself Sp3. Sp9. St 40. Sj 2 and 10. In the morning I am coughing a lot of phlegm. I am just curious are we also looking for kidney involvement because position of inflamantion​ ( I am water CF). Any opinion from more experience being? Thank you

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Acupoints: gb 34, li 11, lu 6, lu 7, th 2, th 5, th 10

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Do you have any other symptoms. What does your tongue look like? Is the phlegm thick or thin and does it have colour or is it clear? Why do you think there would be any kidney involvement?

Most of the time acute skin inflammation/redness is caused by damp heat. A wide variety of things affect that including your diet, stress levels, soaps/shampoos, makeup, the weather, and your activity level.

It could also just be a case of contact dermatitis. It would be better to have one of your fellow students or instructors needle you than needling yourself.

As for points, I’d use SJ 5 instead of SJ 2 or SJ 10. I’d probably also add GB 34 and LI 11 to clear damp heat and LU 6 (the xi-cleft of the lung helpful for acute conditions) and LU 7 to help with the phlegm.

Posted: 03-17-2017

The phlegm is thick and clear. The tongue counting (white, thin) is on the half of it, the rest is purplish red and red on the sides. Around the middle of tongue there is crack (stomach area). I was thinking about kidney because the chin reflects the kidneys and that day I had lower back pain ( from the nature of my work. Lot of heavy lifting, bending)… Anyway thank you for your thoughts. As a student, still lot of things are fresh for me.

Posted: 03-17-2017

The system of facial areas corresponding to the organ systems more reflects the tone and coloring of the skin as far I was taught. So getting a rash or acne or other type of skin irritation in a certain area of the face is extremely unlikely to correspond to any underlying condition of the organ system supposedly reflected in that area.

Posted: 03-18-2017

Então! Antonija e o uso de hegu e do quchi porque não são empregues?..Até breve.

Posted: 04-19-2017

I don’t understand Portuguese. Sorry

Posted: 04-19-2017

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