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"Monica" is an acupuncturist They joined us in 2023.

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Tongue diagnosis (4/2023)

The thick white coating on the tougue is caused by spleen problems. Tougue with big crack in the middle, urine incontinence, fear and easy sweating, all of which are caused by kidney problems. Irritable, anxiety, feeling stuffy in the left...

Skin does not heal properly after covid contracted/vaccinated? Is it common? (4/2023)

This is liver and kidney damage. After kidney function decreases, it can lead to edema, herpes and ear probems. After liver function decreases, it is easy to have problems with the blood and nervous system, such as non-healing after injury.

Билко (4/2023)

The key to treating Parkinson's lies in the liver. It's your liver that's malfunctioning. If you want to know exactly how to operate, I need to know more about your physical condition. This disease must be banned from smoking, alcohol,...

Herbs and point used to treat migraine (4/2023)

Mainly focusing on maintaining the kidneys and live, supplemented by eliminating phlegm and resolving stasis.

Edema (4/2023)

Edema is usually associated with the kidneys.

Kidney yin deficiency (4/2023)

This is like a water-cooled engine. If the water tank is short of water, the engine will definitely overheat.

Safety of Long term use of TCM Herbs (4/2023)

If the urine turns yellow, you can't take these herbs anymore. Sexual life must be prohibited while taking these drugs. How is your sleep quality? Do you have dry stools? In your case, you can't eat ice cream or any...

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