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"Leslie B" is an acupuncturist from United States of America. They are a supporting acupuncturist and practices at the Yin Yang House Chattanooga - Chattanooga, Tennessee. With schooling from the Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine . They joined us in 2022.

Acupuncture Practice of "Leslie B"

Yin Yang House Chattanooga - Chattanooga, Tennessee

Yin Yang House Chattanooga LLC is an affiliated clinic of the Yin Yang House and was originally started by Chad J. Dupuis, L.Ac., now owned and operated by Abby Stewart, LMT. We offer Acupuncture with Leslie Bunn, L.Ac., Xiao Rice,...

located in Chattanooga

6 Most Recent Blog Posts by "Leslie B"

How Lymphatic Drainage May Help Long Covid Sufferers (1/2023)

by Abby Stewart, LMT, MLD/C Long covid syndrome shares many striking similarities with chronic fatigue syndrome (myalgic encephalitis), including fatigue, unrestful sleep, post-exertional malaise, brain fog, headache, and nonspecific pain. In fact, up to 75% of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)...

Swedish Massage Lowers Anxiety (5/2022)

by Abby Stewart, LMT Anxiety is an increasingly prevalent phenomenon in humans across the globe. Children, adults, and the elderly alike are feeling the effects of living in a modern fast-paced world. Many of those with anxiety disorders seek out...

Targeting the Gluteal Muscles for Low Back Pain (5/2022)

by Abby Stewart, LMT Most likely, either you or someone you know has dealt with periods of low back pain that limits their activity level and emotional well-being. Low back pain is one of the most prevalent musculoskeletal conditions in...

Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy (5/2022)

by Nina Applegate, LMT Craniosacral therapy (CST) is an energetic and gentle form of bodywork, and it is beneficial for a wide variety of conditions. CST was first developed by John E. Upledger, an osteopathic physician and professor of biomechanics....

Massage Therapy Can Lower Blood Pressure (5/2022)

by Abby Stewart, LMT High blood pressure (HBP) is becoming an increasingly prevalent condition currently affecting over a third of Americans. High or elevated blood pressure can damage the body for years before symptoms manifest and is sometimes referred to...

The Science Behind Lymphatic Massage (5/2022)

by Abby Stewart, LMT Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a technique used in the prevention and treatment of both edema and lymphedema. It is estimated that worldwide, 1 in 30 people suffer from lymphedema, an incurable condition that requires constant...

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