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Dear Friends of Yin Yang House, Hi from North Italy (Oderzo town, Venice area). First of all, I would like to thank the Direction Staff of Yin Yang House for having permitted to us to discuss in this section about many arguments, opening a forum dedicated. I’m relatively skilled in TCM, and startin…

Diplopia case: My husband came back from work (army) this weekend with complaints of diplopia. First he suffered some pain in and aroud his (left) eye, eyebrow and head, then after a few days he started seeing double when using both eyes. Using one eye at the time is fine. (sees things double on to…

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published by Markusman, 09-24-2009

when i was at college one of the lecturers told us of a point for pain all over the body i missed it can anyone help me find this point. Thanks

I had a new patient with a chief complaint of a dull headache around the eyes and in the back of the head at the base of the skull. The headache was consistent throughout the day and at times progressed to a more stabbing headache for no particular reason. The patient could not recall any stress …

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