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I have an 87 year old patient that is presenting with what looks like edema of the hands. He complains of pressure in his fingers (which are swollen with tight skin, no pitting). His face is red all over. He has only slight swelling in his feet. He has sought treatment from western medical doct…

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published by anon63628, 04-10-2017

I have use acupressure for my spinal stenosis problem, works great. Now as an old man and angina running in family (as does spinal stenosis), I would like to know if acupressure work for angina. ie blood flow around heart. Joe

Hello, I am an acupuncturist with 21 years experience. I have treated Tremor in one arm before and was very successful using an extra point called ‘stop tremor point’ it is near LI10. Problem is I have lost my records and have forgotten the exact location. Has any one else come across this point p…

What is the best way to memorize the points on my own meaning without a teacher but using books? Where does one start in memorizationto have a foundation to build on? It seems studying the points while reading the recommendations for a diagnosis would begin the familization process between a poi…

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