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Suggestions on how to treat edema of the head and fingers

published: 10-11-2018

I have an 87 year old patient that is presenting with what looks like edema of the hands. He complains of pressure in …

Angina and acupressure

published: 04-10-2017

I have use acupressure for my spinal stenosis problem, works great. Now as an old man and angina running in family (as …

Tremor in arm, have lost my point!

published: 05-09-2016

Hello, I am an acupuncturist with 21 years experience. I have treated Tremor in one arm before and was very successful …

Learning points for acupressure &Tui Na

published: 10-26-2008

What is the best way to memorize the points on my own meaning without a teacher but using books? Where does one start …

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