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View Itching in body
published by anon8790, 04-11-2018

I and my family members are affected with itching. Itching in the areas are genetal organs, in thigh, around belly in the top muscles of hands. Severe itching at night times. According to acupressure, which point I have to choose and stimulate.

View Tongue ulser & lips cracks
published by savvysys, 02-10-2010

patient : male 43age- periodically suffering to Lips cracks and tongue ulcer. tongue ulcer is not perment and it forms now and then but for every day. Lips crack is permenet and persist for more than year. pateint is totaly in alternate therophy only- acu touch. IS there any suggestion to over come…

View Re: allergy or not allergy
published by rodney, 01-06-2010

Greetings YYH Staff, I have a patient, whos suffering from an allergy from his left face, there is a red spots on his left face, and he feels like his face is crumpled. This 60 year old man have a sympthoms of itchiness from his tongue, and his Blood Pressure is high 160 over 10…

Alot of people have come to me and said that alot of the time midway through a treatment they begin to feel somewhat cold. And then immediately after feeling the need to wrap up. This isnt due to room temp as they always say its a very cosy temperature. Is this just the body relaxing and therefore…

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