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Hi my mother went into bilateral knee replacement operation on 18-12-2015 since then after she came in post Opp doctors over dose her morphine to control pain and it had been 2 n half month still her diarrhoea not in control she is in hospital as her albumin ,sodium and hb is very low Diarrhoea is …

Hello, does anyone know which acupuncture points should be used to treat damp heat in the small intestine please? I couldn’t find it on the website. Thanks

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published by archived-user, 05-08-2014

Submitted By: perwirajayaperkasahi, i'm wira from indonesia,i have question how to use electro stimulator becouse i confused to use that,i have YINGDI electro stimulator and how to use the electro stimulator for obesitas treatment thank you

Hi I have this so called IBS, here you seem to call it "nervous" stomach. Whatever =) My question is: is there some active point that I could use to immediately relieve symptoms? I'm not interested in overall treatement - that obviously requires a practioner and I'm seeing some, but meanwhile I ne…

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published by anon65496, 02-11-2008

Hi Chad I'm currently treating a patient for chronic Ulcerative Colitis. He's very irritable, nervous, has diarrea 4 to 5 times a day , it's semi liquid. He has a burning sensation when going to the toilet. He has temporal head aches. He has great appetite, a big preference for cold drinks. That's …

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