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Anxiety Improved By Acupuncture And Electroacupuncture - With or Without Pharmaceuticals

published: 02-21-2022

Globally, mental disorders, notably anxiety and depression, are a massive problem with hundreds of millions of people s…

Acupuncture vs. Xanax for Insomnia - Study Finds Acupuncture Nearly Twice As Effective Long-Term

published: 05-13-2019

Through a variety of data samples it is estimated that approximately 30% of the global adult population experiences som…

Knocking Seasonal Allergies Out With Acupuncture

published: 04-02-2018

Seasonal allergies affect many people every day and may impact their lives profoundly, from itchy eyes to sneezing, st…

Acupuncture Modulates the Stress Response

published: 03-07-2018

Stress, which includes or can be subdivided into depression and anxiety, affects millions of people daily.  For many co…

Acupuncture Used to Regain Homeostasis in Acute Cardiac Cases

published: 02-22-2016

Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, herbal medicine and other techniques, is often used for a wide range of cardi…

Study Finds Acupuncture Superior To Claritin For Allergic Rhinitis

published: 02-16-2015

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are often used for a wide range of immune based conditions including allergies,…

Why Does Acupuncture Help Depression? - Researchers Find It Regulates Zinc and Copper Levels

published: 11-08-2011

Acupuncture has been found helpful for a variety of psychiatric issues including depression and anxiety.  Depression is…

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