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Treatment for Pepper Spray?

published: 02-17-2017

I’m an acupuncturist.I accidentally got pepper sprayed in the eyes and face.Any acupuncture pts you can think of in an …

Tong Ren healing for auditory hallucinations

published: 07-12-2016

Sorry for I’m not good at English…(I’m Japanese.) Please tell me TongRen healing points for <auditory hallucination>.

Hello, does anyone know if there is chinese characters for the extra points? Thanks!

published: 12-21-2015

Hello, does anyone know if there is chinese characters for the extra points? Thanks!

Acupuncture and mind

published: 10-27-2014

Hello everybody, I would like to know if somebody knows which acupuncture's points can be used for stimulate a mental …

One watery burning eye

published: 01-21-2010

I have a patient who suffers from a watery burning left eye. It is wierd because it only occurs in that one eye. I can …

Ways of using acupoints

published: 12-24-2008

are there any alternative ways to using acupointsother than needles, acupressure and moxibustion?


published: 11-13-2008

Dear Colleagues. Help on the issue. Following the admission patients feel very strongly that tired.As can be restored…


published: 10-20-2008

Is it okay to use yintang and 3 jiaos together. I have seen some practicioners use it for every patient. Is it okay to …

Unconciousness with closed eyes, no speech

published: 10-02-2008

hi sir,He is in unconciousness stage in ICU since last saturday(with eyes not yet opened,no speech,no right leg & a…

Dizziness and Valaskatagis Point Selection

published: 04-10-2008

Hello, great site. I have a patient that suffers from dizziness - mainly when driving. He has had this condition for …

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