Deafness (Hearing Loss)

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Hello again.  This is my second post and I’m looking for some advice again! Six months ago, my wife had her first and so far only episode of vertigo.  It was caused by labyrinthitis.  It left her deaf in her right ear as well as chronically dizzy.  She is very unstable without a 4-wheel “rollator”.…

i have hearing loss, How can i restore my hearing? my left ear is profound and right one severe. it has been worsening year by year. Kindly advise how i can go about in restoring my hearing. There are no local practitioners to consult.

I think I may have kidney yin or qi deficiency few mths ago I suffered loss of hearing in both ear more so the right, accompanied by ringing (tinnitus) hearing test shows sensoneural hearing loss and not noise induced. Took a course of steroids prescription by the ENT specialist since then although…

I am interested in finding out whether anyone knows or has had any experiences with acupuncture and nerve deafness? I have been deaf since I was 5 and was told it was due to the mumps. . . . .

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