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Fibroids Is Referenced In 3 Blog Posts

Clinically acupuncture is used for the full range of women's menstrual issues. Irregular cycles, PMS, painful cramps, fertility issues, fibroids, etc. are all commonly treated. With dysmenorrhea (cramps/menstrual pain) women are likely to come in for treatment at the peak of their symptoms. Res…

This the fourth edition in my general introduction to the meridian/organ systems in Chinese Medicine will focus on the Stomach and Spleen meridians. As we have discussed in previous articles on the Liver, Kidney, and Heart systems, Chinese Medicine uses meridians named after and related to our phys…

This is a question I, as well as most acupuncturists, get asked frequently. Along with another very popular and related question, "Does Acupuncture Work?,” our days and conversations are filled with educating others about our medicine. To be an acupuncturist, you have to be an educator, this is a …

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