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can you suggest a formula for uteri fibroids that cause heavy bleeding.

My acupuncturist is very confident that she can make a uterine polyp I have ‘disappear’. How exactly…I’m not sure. Will it shrink? Will it expel itself with the lining? My only options are this or the D&C surgery but I need to know what is the rate of success with acupuncture. The size of …

Hello, I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids in December 2017. I have seven fibroids that range in size from 13 cm cubed-920 cm cubed. I wanted to gynecologists that were of no help. They had no idea how to heal fibroids naturally. This site seems to be the most knowledgeable on fibroids and how…

Hi , can i ask how is your investigation if gui zhi fu ling wan indeed can cure fibroid myoma ? thanks , Susan

I am interesting in hearing from anyone who has had success with shrinking fibroid tumors through the use of herbs or other alternative methods.

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