Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

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HIGH Blood Pressure 1

published: 07-01-2019 (1) comment

High blood pressure, herbs to help it

Damp, heat,cold , moisture

published: 07-05-2018 (3) comments

I understand heat can hold more moisture than cold. it is my understanding…

Erectile dysfunction

published: 08-04-2017 (1) comment

I take azor for high blood pressure. I think it is causing ED. Will your f…

High blood pressure - c02 treatment?

published: 07-25-2017 (4) comments

Hi All, I came from a family with a history of high blood pressure, for ye…

Chronic high blood pressure

published: 07-25-2017 (2) comments

Acupuncture for chronic high blood pressure with constipation


published: 12-07-2016 (2) comments

I have a unique situation where my hypertension cannot be controlled by an…

How to lower/cure very high blood pressure without western medicine

published: 12-11-2015 (1) comment

Hi everyone, My partner has a very high blood pressure for over a couple o…

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