Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

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High blood pressure, herbs to help it

I understand heat can hold more moisture than cold. it is my understanding that damp is like a mist in the air. And water, or moisture would be like wet places on the ground in a cave for example. What is Kidney yin deficiency would that be yin as in “body fluids” as they are yin in nature? Or is …

I take azor for high blood pressure. I think it is causing ED. Will your formulas cause any issues if I take together?

Hi All, I came from a family with a history of high blood pressure, for years we maintain healthy life style by means of proper exercise and healthy diet but I guess we can’t really escape our faith of having high blood pressure specially when we’re so much stressed. I’ve read some article about c0…

Acupuncture for chronic high blood pressure with constipation

I have a unique situation where my hypertension cannot be controlled by anything that vasodilates. I need something that will stop aldosterone without any other side effects. Every organ is my body is in perfect condition but my blood pressure is 190/100 due to too much aldosterone. All normal m…

Hi everyone, My partner has a very high blood pressure for over a couple of months now. She lowered it herself a little bit by changing her diet, then went back to a bad habit again so now it is up again and because it was dangerously up she needed to take action . A couple of days ago she checked …

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