Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Related TCM Herbs

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Is Associated With 6 TCM Herbs

Cools the blood, stops bleeding due to reckless movement of hot blood - nosebleed, vomiting blood, blood in urine or stool, uterine bleeding, heavy menstrual bleeding. Reduces swelling, generates flesh - topically for carbuncles, sores, swellings. Internal abscesses - intestinal, lung. Pulmonary…

Tonify liver and kidneys, strengthen sinews and bones - weak, painful knees and lower back, fatigue, frequent urination. Promotes smooth flow of qi and blood circulation. Calms the fetus - for cold deficient kidney patterns with bleeding during pregnancy, prevents miscarriages from deficiency. R…

Releases muscles, clears heat - exterior disease in subcutaneous region and muscles (governed by spleen and stomach) - fever, headache, stiffness in the back and the neck. Nourishes fluids, alleviates thirst - stomach heat, externally-contracted heat. Vents measles - accelerates rash at early sta…

Drains lung heat - cough, wheezing. Promotes urination, reduces edema - lung heat obstructing downward movement of lung qi, preventing water from moving - no sweating, facial and floating edema, fever, thirst, difficult urination. Recently for hypertension.

Tonify liver and kidney yin, strengthen sinews and bones, expel wind-damp - lower back and knee pain, joint problems, atrophy of sinews and bones, bi-syndromes. Nourish blood, calm the womb - uterine bleeding during pregnancy, dry and scaly skin. Hypertension.

Reduces and moves food stagnation outward - accumulation of meat and/or greasy foods with distention, pain, diarrhea. Transforms blood stasis, dissipates clumps - post-partum abdominal pain, hernial disorder. Stops diarrhea (when partially charred). Hypertension.

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