Urinary Tract Infection (Uti)

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Hi everyone. My name is Miguel Branco. I´m new in the forum, and a student of TCM. In what concerns about Pyelonephritis, i understand that is a chronic problem related to Kidney deficiency. Can anyone help me about possible treatment protocols for this? Many Thanks

Cuál es el diagnóstico cuando tiene también micción frecuente, sin dolor ni quemazón, orina clara y dolor lumbar?

Hi, I have several patients that are 80 and above that have chronic, and I do mean chronic UTI’s. They have caregivers that are aware of the importance of good hygiene so I think we have that area covered. They are a population that will only use Antibiotics if absolutely necessary and with these …

hi… i am male and my age is 40 i have a problem which is: after finishing releasing urine in the toilet and coming out from there, some drops of urine come out from me…

I am getting Chronic UTI with citrus smelling urine and pressure discomfort in abdomen. I get this after sex and my menstrual cycle. I am getting tired of medical antibiotics and the suggestion of staying on a low dosage. Any thoughts on what I can do?

Wishing to know exactly where acupressure points are to clear urinary tract infection

While in Central America I contracted a mosquito virus (Zika or Chikungunya) in addition to severe incompatibility with the humid climate. Symptoms: severe whole body inflammation; immobilizing inflammation in soles of feet; painful inflammation of fingers and hand joints; lethargy; As swelling sub…

Hi! I have a case of a recurring UTI that is getting worse. My last urine results showed 100,000 bad bacteria in my system. I’ve taken antibiotics twice this year and I refused to take them for the 3rd time even though the doctor recommended them. I used to feel light itching and now it’s more inte…

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