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I was wondering what a list of herbs that are dangerous or toxic to mix together.  Would love to know which ones are dangerous and why?

I am Farhath from India, diagnosed with ILD pulmonary fibrosis n came to know abt fei-fu-kang Chinese herbal medicine has better results. I want to know it’s reality, will it helpful to me? And where and how to buy? Thanks

Good afternoon, I am diagnosed and being treated by a Rheumatologist with Severe Fibromyalgia which along with physical pain also causes “severe memory loss” & “severe cognitive dysfunction” as stated by my Dr. I went to my first acupunture apt. today and was given Xiao Chai Hu Tang Wan & L…

Does anyone know if these chinese herbs will affect my progestin-only birth control? I would like to take this as a preventative measure for future travel, but am not sure how it will affect my birth control. There are no direct correlations listed on the website, but it states St. John’s Wort inte…

Hi Everybody- I want to stir fry licorice and dried ginger ‘black’. Separately of course. Do I use honey to do this? Can I use a cast iron pan or should I use stainless steel? How black should I make it? THANKS in advance for your response! Ginko

This has had me wondering for a while. Perhaps someone here might have insight. Quite some time ago I read that licorice works as an anti inflammatory and does so by stimulating cortisol production in the body. I would frequently use licorice tea for that purpose, and always enjoyed it. This wa…

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