Herbs That Warm The Interior And Expel Cold

TCM Materia Medica

Herbs That Warm The Interior And Expel Cold - Herbal Functional Grouping (8 herbs)

Herbs That Warm The Interior And Expel Cold General Introduction
  • Used to treat internal cold - either internally generated or from an opportunistic infection (OPI).
  • Cold from deficiency patterns - cold limbs, fear of cold, pallid complexion, lack of thirst but desire for hot drinks, loose stools, white tongue coat, slow pulse; In serious cases - profuse sweating, watery stools, minute and deep pulse.
  • Invasion of cold usually attacks the spleen and stomach - nausea, vomiting, belching, diarrhea.
Herbs That Warm The Interior And Expel Cold Section Summary / Study Notes
  • Gan Jiang, Fu Zi - rescue devastated yang from collapse.
    • Gan Jiang - cold from spleen and stomach deficiency; long-lasting effect.
    • Fu Zi - warms and tonifies spleen and kidney yang; immediate actions.
  • Gan Jiang, Wu Zhu Yu, Liang Jiang - disperse cold from the middle warmer and treats pain and coldness in the epigastrium.
    • Gan Jiang - also warms lungs and transforms phlegm and stops coughing.
    • Wu Zhu Yu - warms lower jiao and treats cold hernial disorders or diarrhea due to cold int he lower burner; belching and vomiting with more liver involvement.
    • Gao Liang Jiang - warms the stomach and treats epigastric pain and coldness with belching or vomiting.
  • Fu Zi, Rou Gui - warms and tonify the fire at the gate of vitality (ming men) and are used in treating yang deficiency and cold from deficiency of the lower burner.
    • Rou Gui - milder in action, treats lower burner disorders, leads fire to its source, and is diaphoretic; not used to rescue the yang from collape.

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