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Hello, Is there any TCM for chronic clots in lungs knowns as CTEPH. Please help. Thank you.

I have been taking organic Astragalus root powder and extract at a dosage of 30gr per day for longevity purposes. Does anyone know if taking rather high dose of Astragalus continuously and for long term is safe?

I was wondering if you have any suggestions about a blood pressure herb. I had breast cancer 3 years ago and use myomin daily… 334mg astragalus , 333mg curcuma zedoaria, 333 mg cyperus rotundus. I have been on it for 3 years and all my estrogen levels are low…I am basically in menopause at 42 whic…

Can I take astragalus on its own while I have a cold?

I am Farhath from India, diagnosed with ILD pulmonary fibrosis n came to know abt fei-fu-kang Chinese herbal medicine has better results. I want to know it’s reality, will it helpful to me? And where and how to buy? Thanks

Hi, i am looking for a formula named HB01. Where can i get it?

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