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Has anyone had a real breakthrough treatment with herbs or acupuncture for bipolar issues?

I would like to ask your opinion on something Stephen, and I know this is your opinion. As I believe you know I have many emotional problems myself too. Can bad anxiety/panic be caused by liver fire rising? And then it moves up to heart fire blazing? Sometimes if I can take care of this a bit (herb…

I am wondering what the TCM definition of “phlegm” is. What is extreme heart fire, extreme phlegm fire and fire harassing the heart? And I guess it would be the shen.

Hi! I’ve been suffering from frequently recurring canker sores and I’ve noticed that it comes up usually when my monthly period is about to start so I’m suspecting that it has something to do with hormones. When I get stressed, the sores also appear but stress can be managed. My problem is how can …

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