Liver Wind

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Why psoriasis and eczema are taken as yin excessive.

Any recommended TCM formula for hand-only tremor? I know the underlying problem comes from wind/heat, and while I’m familiar with herbs/other to combat such (Gou Teng – for example), I fail to see ratio protocols, or which ingredient to use as the parent modality, and/or others to assist. I p/u a 2…

Please list the common TCM patterns that result in stuttering and which points you used to treat it, thank you!

I have a tinnitus problem and as well my wife does and has for 3 yrs now. As well we have intermitant tremors and our 16 yr old who has always had mild tremors have become more pronounced with facial ticcing and body tics and tremors involuntary and voluntary. My wife and I pulse is forceful at tim…

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