Liver Wind

Related TCM Herbs

Liver Wind Is Associated With 3 TCM Herbs

Useful for arthritic conditions by expelling wind-damp and promoting urination. Induces sweat and relieves the exterior - diarrhea, dysentery. Can be used for hemorrhoids, skin infections, psoriasis, leukorrhea and STD's such as gonorrhea and syphilis via the function of eliminating toxic heat. …

Opens the Orifices and Transforms Phlegm - Seizures from high fevers, strong psychiatric illnesses, loss of consciousness and/or very muddled thinking, tinnitus, deafness. Stagnant energy in the chest, abdominal distention, bloating. Wind damp related arthritis.

Bi Zheng (painful obstruction syndrome) - for arthritic conditions by expelling wind-damp and opening the channels. Arthritis, bone pain, fractures, sciatica. Also known as yi tiao gen (moghania).

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