Spleen Blood Deficiency

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74 year old woman. very dry skin - cracked and bleeding fingers at times knee inflamation tiny bumps on neck (almost like a pimple but smaller. sometimes can be picked off and it's a tiny hard thing.)

Trying to remember how to treat insomnia using entry exit points. Patient waking 3am, I believe I would choose LU 7, LV1, LV14, GB1, GB41. Or do I have it backwards?

Please HOW TO GET RID OF CHAPPED LIPS peeling LIPS, Chronic, length of the year?

If I take this for hot flashes , will I gain weight

Hi, I’m currently breastfeeding and i was told not to consume dang gui during breastfeeding…Is this true? If it is, what are the negative causes of dang gui that could cause to infants? How about ginseng too during breastfeeding? I have dreams every night during my sleep since when i was young. I f…

Hello, I had about 8 months of acupuncture and herbs in an effort of achieving pregnancy, which was unsuccessful. However, now I’ve noticed the last few months my head hair seems to be thinning and falling out a lot, and also I have noticed black spots in my field of vision. I was wondering if all …

Has anyone had a real breakthrough treatment with herbs or acupuncture for bipolar issues?

I am local accupuressure practioner in India. My brother has some problems - His feet soles and big toes are milky white in colour I mean it is not normal white. It is fungi type from inside. I checked his tongue it was dry (mostly in lower middle tongue), thin, pale. his immunity is very low. If …

Hello, I used to have good memory but since pregnancy I realised my memory has deteriorated tremendously. I’m in my 8 months pregnancy now. May I know how do I improve my memory after giving birth ? Last but not least, I will be having a caesarean birth, what are the types of herbal formulas should…

What are the patterns cause excess heat in women during follicular phase?

is there any solution for pale lips? she is 14, looks healthy but is always tired and her lips are very pale always

Can ren shen yang ying formula be used while breastfeeding? How is this formula effects milk production?

Hi, I have suffering from chronic Sinusitis. Mornings and Evenings are particularly bad. Allopathy has recommended Surgery but I have gone down the route of Allergy testing ( apparently I am allergic to 40+ different foods) and also have air Bourne allergies. I am starting with Immunisation + Neutr…

which Chinese herb help this problem ?

What herbal remedies can one use to go with chemotherapy for a Luekemia patient

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