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published: 09-24-2009

when i was at college one of the lecturers told us of a point for pain all over the body i missed it can anyone help me…

Need some help

published: 05-14-2009

I had a new patient call me a few hours after his first treatment today, his chief complaint was neck tightness and ov…

Liver Cirrhosis

published: 01-28-2009

Thanks for the good work you people are doing. More greese to your elbow. Please can I know Acupuncture treatment prot…

Restless Legs Syndrome ( RLS )

published: 01-19-2009

Hi. What do you think about acupuncture treatment on Restless Legs Syndrome ? Beforehand thanks for help.P.S What do yo…

Burning Peripheral Neuropathy in Little Toe

published: 06-24-2008

I am new to practice and one of my first patients is a complicated patient with a myriad of symptoms. I was hoping to …

Dislocated Shoulder

published: 06-19-2008

How do you treat it. Are the points the same as for shoulder joint?How long treatment last? What is success rate?Any in…

Numbness in leg

published: 02-23-2008

Submitted By: piAfter returning home from a trip overseas, and many hours (almost 24 hrs.) of sitting on an airplane, …

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