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Warm Greetings - In appreciation of your profound and thorough expertise, 'a question - Kindly advise, what is the cause of “disturbance” of the lower legs, outer shin area - manifesting as dull/seminumb sensation, tight semi-swelling/enlargement of the area extending to mid-shin , and accompanied…

View Bipolar Treatments
published by anon55337, 02-21-2018

Has anyone had a real breakthrough treatment with herbs or acupuncture for bipolar issues?

Hello, I am a recent graduate of TCM (new practitioner). I had a new patient today that I need some guidence with. Age 53 Male Cheif Compliant: Back pain and Neuropathy in both lower legs and hands. He has a degenerative disk in L5 - S1, he has had this for 7 years and is now developing scoliosis …

Treatment protocol for Baker’s cyst.

Tongue with deep crack in the medium warmth of the limb body slightly red but in the center almost purple, toothmarks. Pain and musculoskeletal problems on the right side. 23 year old girl, dancer. Exhaust from swallowing.

View Sudden inflammation
published by anon65146, 03-17-2017

Hi. I am second year student of Acupuncture in Ireland. Just found for this helpfully place for my studying. Before one day I had sudden cystic acne ( I suppose) on chin. swollen under and painfully on touch. It happens few times per year but not big like this. At the moment I am practicing QiGong…

View Herminated thoratic disc
published by anon37471, 01-29-2017

hello, i’m a beginner in the field of veterinary acupressure. i have a new client- a dog after a disc operation in T10-T11. he has weakness of hind legs and some neurological deficiencies. my question is: in those kind of cases, do you only treat the obvious issue of the neurological deficiency, or…

View MIcrocurrant machine
published by anon35918, 01-20-2017

Hi I have a microcurrent machine for horses but can use it on people…how do I treat someone with acid reflux with these ting/jing points? where do I put the electrode for best results…thanks

acupressure points for sciatica pain

Hello, Just a quick question: I have a patient with Spondylolisthesis (L5/S1, with pain and numbness down the right leg as well), who finds it difficult to lie flat on her stomach for the actupuncture sessions (and was also advised not to lie on her stomach at all for her condition). I was thinking…

I have an older patient who has had numbness from his mid-shin down through his feet on both sides. This was apparently caused by some antibiotics he was given a couple of years ago to fight an infection after surgery. Although he is experiencing no pain, he has a difficult time walking and say…

View Osteo Pubis
published by Craig54, 04-24-2010

Any thoughts for treatment of Osteo Pubis .

View Hepatitis C
published by Quartz, 02-06-2010

I am a 26 year old looking to be healed through acupuncture.I have hepatitis C. Wtihin th last two years I have flared up with acne too.I always had "porceline-like" skin. Now my body seems to be showing this mostly on my face.It is "touchy" to everything and I instantly get rashes if the wrong pro…

Hello, I am treating a patient with polyneuropathy in both her feet. She did get that after chemo, for Kahler disease. She also has a kidneydeficiency (only working for 15%), so she has to drink a lot! Now after the first treatment it became worse and she can't wear her shoes anymore! Her feet are …

View Knee Pain
published by kmroach, 12-14-2009

Anybody have any recommendations for generalized knee pain? I was planning on just treating Ashii points. Anything you could recommend is appreciated.. Thanks

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