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How to treat, with acupressure, the lower leg: outer shin

published: 08-25-2018

Warm Greetings - In appreciation of your profound and thorough expertise, 'a question - Kindly advise, what is the caus…

Bipolar Treatments

published: 02-21-2018

Has anyone had a real breakthrough treatment with herbs or acupuncture for bipolar issues?

HELP! - I don't know where to start with a case

published: 01-05-2018

Hello, I am a recent graduate of TCM (new practitioner). I had a new patient today that I need some guidence with. Age …

Treatment for Baker’s cyst in TCM

published: 12-27-2017

Treatment protocol for Baker’s cyst.

I would like to help me choose some form of botanicals and acu points for cooley disease thalassemia

published: 05-31-2017

Tongue with deep crack in the medium warmth of the limb body slightly red but in the center almost purple, toothmarks. …

Sudden inflammation

published: 03-17-2017

Hi. I am second year student of Acupuncture in Ireland. Just found for this helpfully place for my studying. Before on…

Herminated thoratic disc

published: 01-29-2017

hello, i’m a beginner in the field of veterinary acupressure. i have a new client- a dog after a disc operation in T10-…

MIcrocurrant machine

published: 01-20-2017

Hi I have a microcurrent machine for horses but can use it on people…how do I treat someone with acid reflux with these…

Scietica painupressure points for sciatica pain

published: 02-05-2015

acupressure points for sciatica pain

Back pain treatment positions

published: 10-27-2011

Hello, Just a quick question: I have a patient with Spondylolisthesis (L5/S1, with pain and numbness down the right leg…

Myopathy in Legs after Medication

published: 06-28-2010

I have an older patient who has had numbness from his mid-shin down through his feet on both sides. This was apparen…

Osteo Pubis

published: 04-24-2010

Any thoughts for treatment of Osteo Pubis .

Hepatitis C

published: 02-06-2010

I am a 26 year old looking to be healed through acupuncture.I have hepatitis C. Wtihin th last two years I have flared …

Treating polyneuropathy in feet

published: 01-27-2010

Hello, I am treating a patient with polyneuropathy in both her feet. She did get that after chemo, for Kahler disease. …

Knee Pain

published: 12-14-2009

Anybody have any recommendations for generalized knee pain? I was planning on just treating Ashii points. Anything you …

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