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Hi, I received a 2nd treatment today for anxiety.  He put a needle in the outside left wrist.  It immediately shot tingling(nerve?) Up my fingers and I panicked.  It subsided in about 30 seconds.  He took it out after about 20 minutes.  I've had a burning sensation at the  Left elbow and around it …

Yesterday I wanted to show a friend the ‘tsubo’ PC 6 for treating herself with acupressure. She didn’t have a serious ailment (she drank too much the night before) but she felt sleepy, dizzy and nauseous. I thought LI 3 would have been helpful as well but decided to explain PC 6. While I tried to l…

Where is the pressure point for nausea?

View Angina and acupressure
published by anon63628, 04-10-2017

I have use acupressure for my spinal stenosis problem, works great. Now as an old man and angina running in family (as does spinal stenosis), I would like to know if acupressure work for angina. ie blood flow around heart. Joe

View Contraction of gallbladder
published by anon1178, 11-23-2015

Can i ask some comments about contraction of gallbladder, its cause and some acu points. The patient becomes thin, always vomiting, a little pain on right side of his abdomen not desired to eat. Thanks to all…

What are the main points for those who want in the process of artificial insemination?

I’ve had success with LV3. What is your experience.

View Catatonic Depression
published by archived-user, 10-20-2013

Submitted By: paramjitSir, Kindly tell me Acupuncture points about"Catatonic Depression".

View Keeping embryo healthy?
published by Kitsune, 10-13-2011

Hello, I am new to treating with acupuncture, and would greatly appreciate some of your wise input. My current human patient is a 35 year old woman who has been trying to conceive for many years now, and has failed to do so naturally or with IVF treatment. She recently came to me, and I have done s…

View Some advice please - pain
published by I_Danne, 10-04-2011

I apologize in advance if this particular question has been asked before, I did not see anything on the board. So, I am about 10 hours into the first day of my period and I am having very, very intense cramps (feels like my uterus is tearing out of me), urgent and frequent bowel movements, period w…

Hello everybody, My condition is white thick sticky little yellow in the midde tongue, belching, stomach fullness after eating, stomach knot left side of umbilicus like something is pressuring strong from inside, gas in the intestines, little red eyes, at first 3 days constipation and fullness, the…

View Saliva oversecretion
published by archived-user, 12-08-2010

Submitted By: peter_med I got an interesting case yestoday. 38 yo female from Mongolia with 4 weeks pregnancy started to have saliva oversecretion about two weeks ago. It seems the saliva secretes all the time so that she keeps using tissue suck the saliva, then dump to trash. During the about o…

Please could you tell me if acupuncture can cause nerve damage and, if so, is this usually permanent or temporary? I have seen a number of articles on the internet stating that nerve damage can occur and also people stating they have been made ill by acupuncture causing long term nerve damage. …

View Accupressure and cancer
published by gunji, 11-23-2010

Hello, I don't know why yet but my condition is not good. I went to hospital but until now I have now diagnosis which could explain what my problem is. I'm loosing muscles, my hair falls out easily, have a fungal skin infection, in general the quality of skin is bad, mainly have watery stools, so…

I have read your answers to similar question but my question still remains. I treat an MS patient, once a week, for 30 minutes, since early April. Correct me if I am wrong but I understood that after a while I should decrease the frequency in order to let her body do its own job and not to beco…

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