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View Hcv problem need cure
published by anon132193, 02-24-2017

Dear sir In my body anti hcv is detected and I want to know that is there any medicine to cure hcv and can it remove anti hcv bodies? As per my test result of anti hcv Eliza method is "0.329. Waiting for your reply.

View Hepatitis C
published by Quartz, 02-06-2010

I am a 26 year old looking to be healed through acupuncture.I have hepatitis C. Wtihin th last two years I have flared up with acne too.I always had "porceline-like" skin. Now my body seems to be showing this mostly on my face.It is "touchy" to everything and I instantly get rashes if the wrong pro…

View Pancreas of the PIG
published by rodney, 01-12-2010

Greetings YYT staff! I have read a book about acupuncture, in treating Diabetes, it recommends to eat a pancreas of a pig. have you try this? do you agree with this? Thank you...

View Liver Cirrhosis
published by valtiti, 01-28-2009

Thanks for the good work you people are doing. More greese to your elbow. Please can I know Acupuncture treatment protocol for Liver Cirrhosis. Thanks again for everything.

Dear Acupuncturist colleagues,I have a patient referred to me for weight reduction. However I had some similar patients with good result, but she has a little weight gain 4 sessions after his first treatment. I had better mention her diff diagnosis was correct (ST heat), and I had begun body and au…

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