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Neuropathy due to chemorherapy

published: 02-05-2022

Hello. I am in South Africa and there are no reputable Acupuncture specialists anywhere close to me. I am receiving che…

ST36 Acupressure point

published: 06-28-2021

Please tell me How to locate ST36 Acupressure point…

Stomach meridian? Stagnation / skin issues face

published: 02-28-2021

Hello, The last couple of years I’ve noticed some hard skin tissue around ST3. In the photo it’s where I’ve put my nail…

Acupuncture for lymphedema

published: 10-19-2020

patient presenting with stagnation of qi, moisture and phlegm. What points would you recommend. I haven’t started to t…

Autumn Metal Lung/Sm. Intestine Points...?

published: 09-24-2020

I would love to know points for Moxa for Lung and Small Intestine health to use this Autumn. Apparently, so many great…

Preventatives and treatment for COVID 19

published: 02-23-2020

I was just reading about this new coronavirus and wanting to be prepared should it spread to my area. I would like to …

Shiatsu for Lymphedema on left leg + varicose veins

published: 01-08-2020

Hello there, I’m a student of zen shiatsu at the first year and I’m practicing on friends and family. I’ve a question r…

Fatigue and imbalance

published: 11-04-2019

I feel exhausted fatigue from environmental stress and study commitments. Also the last couple of days I caught a bad…

What is Moxibustion...

published: 10-14-2019

what are the master points for direct moxibustion for all the body

Help with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease (a form of Muscular Dystrophy)

published: 07-14-2018

Hi Wondering how accupressure can help in CMT (mainly affecting the lower limbs and Muscle loss). Basically the nerve …

Extraordinary Meridians

published: 05-13-2018

Is it advisable when appropriate to combine Master and Couple points of Ren Mai and Du Mai Vessels?

Stomach discomfort and bulky stool

published: 05-08-2018

I have chronic problem of stomach heviness and gas and loose and bulky stool .if i use stomach 36acup point tone by byo…

How to treat mentally unstable person through acupuncture

published: 04-08-2018

how to treat mentally unstable person through acupuncture

Cushing disease

published: 10-22-2017

Can acupuncture help to decrease cortisol, and which points?

What are the acupuncture points help increasing blood platelets?

published: 10-12-2017

Points that help increasing blood platelets for patients having dengue positive?

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