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View Reproductive organ
published by dushyant_khatri, 09-27-2016

How can we treat phimotic ring in tcm

View Bladder infection
published by ygold77, 07-24-2008

I have a patient she isfemale 67 years old. She feels that she has a bladder infection since she hve had frequent urination that is better now and an uncomfortable feeling in her bladder. Shealso said that she felt like her bladder was falling out like after delivering her babies. There is no pain …

My mum just had a hysterectomy operation and I want to acupressure her instead of acupuncturing her. Which points should I go for? Her uterus had been taken out, under the five element theory, her water has been harm and to heal using the mother-child theory, i would use the two metal organs, which…

Hi I would like to know which points should be avoided during pregnancy. My friend has struggled with infertility for more than 10 years and this year, i convinced her to consult in acupuncture. She went and she is now pregnant. However, there are only 2 acupuncturist where she lives and they barel…

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