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Meta-Analysis Finds Acupuncture Effective for Sleep Apnea

published: 05-02-2016

Approximately 1 out of every 15 Americans are likely to have sleep apnea.  This amounts to roughly 14 million American…

Tinnitus Treatment - Back Acupuncture with Tuina Found More Effective Than Standard Acupuncture

published: 12-26-2012

There are many treatment methods within Chinese Medicine and acupuncture theories and over time practitioners tend to g…

Autism Treatments - Brain Inflammation and the Role of Sky Window Acupuncture Points from the Tam Healing System

published: 03-26-2009

Autism is a complicated medical condition with a range of symptoms that has no firmly established causal factors. The…

Treatment of Leukemia with Tong Ren Therapy

published: 05-19-2008

The following article, a reprint from Tom Tam, covers the treatment of Leukemia with Tong Ren Therapy.  For a general i…

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