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I was just reading about this new coronavirus and wanting to be prepared should it spread to my area. I would like to have some formulas ready for my clients. It seems the symptoms are dry cough, fever, and possibly shortness of breath. I have Yin Qiao on hand. Wondering about Shuang Huang lian …

Hi, I’m looking for treatment suggestions along the lines of qigong, specific breath patterns to move the cerebralspinal fluid down from the brain. I’d also ask about any auricular points I might use seeds on or a cold laser. Is there a protocol for this or something similar in teens/adult treatme…

could anybody explain what is AREA 9???

View Autoimmune diseases
published by anon103714, 12-02-2016

What would be acupuncture/tong ren points for a person who has 5 autoimmune diseases?

Diplopia case: My husband came back from work (army) this weekend with complaints of diplopia. First he suffered some pain in and aroud his (left) eye, eyebrow and head, then after a few days he started seeing double when using both eyes. Using one eye at the time is fine. (sees things double on to…

View Lungs Cancer
published by amitv82, 02-25-2014

My Grandmother got lungs cancer and she got fluid in her lungs that causing difficult in breathing. If you can PLEASE suggest some very effective acupuncture/acupressure points to dry out that fluid or to get relief out of it.

Hi all... This question was posed to me on a recent oral exam. I am not looking for general contraindications such as think skin, bony areas, skin conditions, or anything like that. The answer actually had about 2 or 4 points that were specifically indicated for NOT cupping. When I heard the ans…

View Bone cancer help
published by ausbris, 02-24-2011

Hi everyone Just treated a lovely lady who came in for facial acupuncture. The intake process highlighted that she has bone cancer, malignant. There is no pain. Her cancer markers in her blood are abnormally high (higher than when she was diagnosed initially with ovarian cancer about 20 yea…

View Hand Tremors
published by nancisimari, 06-27-2010

63 year old male with sudden onset of right hand tremor. Extremely spastic, intermittent, but comes on every few minutes. No numbness, no tingling, no pain. Was tested by GP who thought it might be a pinched nerve. Also was tested by neurologist for parkinsons and given MRI, with nothing remark…

HI Everyone, I am a massage therapist, myofascial release, but am very interested in Oriental medicine and bodywork. My question is: are there meridiam points useful for Scleroderma (autoimmune disorder) overproduction of connective tissue and hardening of the skin? Or possibly any herbs that c…

Is anyone know about how to stop saliva secretion which cerebral palsy children have to much. This is really big problem for child, family and therapist. If someone know how to stop with acupuncture i ll use for my students. Thanks from now.

View Alcoholism
published by Rebecca369, 12-16-2009

I am interested in any and all techniques that can assist in reducting and/or eliminating cravings for alcohol.

Dear friends, I need your advices to treat congenital muscular dystrophy(merosin negative). I want to use Yamamoto new Scalp Acupuncture technics. What do you think about CMD? May acupuncture treat CMD?

Hi Chad, I have read the section on MS. I want to know about MND. The patient is diagnosed as a patient of extended (not localised) MND for last two years and the diagnosis has been reconfirmed by allopathic investigations. Motor functions were lost in the following sequance: First the legs became …

View Lyme disease
published by Brenna_J_Wilcox, 02-24-2009

Greetings everyone.I have a client who is just starting IV antibiotics for Lyme Disease. She has had it for 9 years or so, misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia so it seems. While I am tapping the pattern of blockages and have set up Tong Ren with laser and map pins, I ask if there is anything more I can ad…

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