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How to treat mentally unstable person through acupuncture

published: 04-08-2018

how to treat mentally unstable person through acupuncture

Tremor in arm, have lost my point!

published: 05-09-2016

Hello, I am an acupuncturist with 21 years experience. I have treated Tremor in one arm before and was very successful …

I am working with someone taking an important exam in a few days. I know some peers gave points for memory and recollection

published: 03-14-2016

I know points spleen 2 & 3, possibly Ren 9, bladder 57 may have been used. Are there any other points that would be…

Nervous weakness in old age

published: 03-04-2016

Hi… My father is 76 old age person and he is diabetic patient since 2002 and recently he is suffering from severe weakn…

Sì Shéng Cōng

published: 11-02-2013

Hello Everyone, I am a student and I am learning the extra points. I am noticing that all the points have names and us…

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