Huo Luo Xiao Ling Wan - Miraculously Effective Pill To Invigorate The Collaterals

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Huo Luo Xiao Ling Wan Herbal Formula Classifications and Usages

The herbal formula "huo luo xiao ling wan" , 活絡效靈丹, which in english is "miraculously effective pill to invigorate the collaterals", is categorized within the "invigorate the blood" functional grouping and within the "invigorate the blood and dispel blood stasis" sub-category.

You may also see this formula referenced by: Huo Luo Xiao Ling Dan, Red Vessel Teapills, Miraculously Effective Collateral Regulating Pill, Salvia and Boswellia Formula.

Of many possible clinical applications, it may be considered to influence the following issues/symptoms:

  • A range of pain related issues when they arise from qi and blood stagnation (both acute and chronic) - pain essentially anywhere in the body, bruises and swelling and other signs of stasis.  May often be combined with other formulas which deal more with the root issues.
  • Abdominal masses, fibroids, cysts as well as organ related issues such as cirrhosis, appendicitis and inflammatory conditions such as endometriosis.
  • May be used to help clear an ectopic pregnancy with the right factors.

Huo Luo Xiao Ling Wan has some precautions to be considered (see our precautions list).

  • Avoid during pregnancy.
  • Avoid with heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • Use only under direction if you are taking blood thinners.
  • Generally not for long term use.

Our shop contains huo luo xiao ling wan from the following manufacturer:

  • Huo Luo Xiao Ling Wan - Mayway
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    For many reasons such as availability, ecological choices, and/or price, each manufacturer or herbalist may well adjust the exact composition of a specific formula. Huo Luo Xiao Ling Wan is generally comprised of the following herbs:

  • Dang Gui (Chinese Angelica Root) - Tonifies the blood, regulates menses - pallid, ashen comple…
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  • Dan Shen (Salvia Root) - Invigorate blood, break up blood stasis in lower abdomen - …
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  • Mo Yao (Myrrh) - Invigorate blood, dispel blood stasis, reduces swelling, al…
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  • Ru Xiang (Frankincense) - Invigorate blood, dispel blood stasis, alleviate pain - tra…
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    A single formula, alone, may not be sufficient to fully address a particular TCM diagnostic pattern. Formulas may be used alone, in combinations, and/or in stages. Huo Luo Xiao Ling Wan is a candidate for consideration when needing to influence blood stagnation and/or liver blood stagnation.

    Huo Luo Xiao Ling Wan may potentially be used, in coordination with a well tailored overall approach, to influence the following conditions: abdominal pain, appendicitis, arthritis (bi syndromes), back pain, blood clot, cirrhosis, cysts, endometriosis, fibroids and/or sciatica

    As noted above, huo luo xiao ling wan is within the invigorate the blood functional group. And it appears within the sub-category "invigorate the blood and dispel blood stasis", which contains the following formulas:

  • Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang Wan (Great Yang Restoration Pills) - Fatigue, weakness, with pale complexion due to chronic qi a…
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  • Dan Shen Huo Xue Wan (Red Sage Root Decoction for Promoting Blood Circulation) - Phlebitis, generally chronic.
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  • Fu Fang Dan Shen Wan (Saliva Compound Pill) - For a range of stagnation issues in the stomach/epigastric/…
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    All formulas in the primary category of "invigorate the blood" are listed below.

    (truncated intro "...issues with blood circulation may lead to generalized pain and fatigue to fixed masses. the blood may also be effected by traumatic injurie…)".

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