Liver Qi Stagnation

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Hello, I'm just seeking reassurance on my new formulation. I was originally told I have spleen qi deficiency, blood deficiency and kidney yang deficiency. I was prescribed Gui Pi Tang. I recently started seeing another practitioner who moved to the area... much closer to me. I essentially received …

please could you explain why eye floaters happen and its treatment. thank you.

I feel exhausted fatigue from environmental stress and study commitments. Also the last couple of days I caught a bad cold and the GP gave antibiotic and kortizon spray. taking it for 7 days From previous time I take Zao Ren Tang Pian Wan for 2 months now which the TCM practitioner suggeste…

Hi, brand new issue for me that I would love advice for. I just moved away from my favorite tcm practitioner so this forum is so helpful to me. There’s a small area on my stomach, at my right ovary, that has been itching like crazy for a week. I don’t have any skin conditions or allergies right now…

Due to stress i guess

What could it mean if there are synptoms of a hernia in the lower back and also the feeling of “moving air” while pressing CV4/5 area.? It probably has to do with tension/stress/indigestion but any other advice would be much appreciated. Extra indications: pain near spleen/pancreas after eating swe…

how to treat lumps in breast and hand in acupuncture

Has anyone had a real breakthrough treatment with herbs or acupuncture for bipolar issues?

Hi! I’ve been suffering from frequently recurring canker sores and I’ve noticed that it comes up usually when my monthly period is about to start so I’m suspecting that it has something to do with hormones. When I get stressed, the sores also appear but stress can be managed. My problem is how can …

I have been searching the website for help with an essay but I can’t find specifics. Can someone help please? I can’t find TCM diagnostic patterns to diagnose TMJ or what organs are mainly affected. Please help!

Hello, I have question about this formula. I would like to know if maybe someone is knowledgeable about ingredients of this recipe with all grammage. Thank you.

My right TM joint is swollen. Which meridian pertains, and what points should be used?

Hello, Over the past couple of months my stomach has started to bloat up after eating or drinking anything?

Is there no acupressure point for treating ED?

What herb is use to cure such ailment

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