Spleen Qi Deficiency

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Hello, I'm just seeking reassurance on my new formulation. I was originally told I have spleen qi deficiency, blood deficiency and kidney yang deficiency. I was prescribed Gui Pi Tang. I recently started seeing another practitioner who moved to the area... much closer to me. I essentially received …

Hello, I had about 8 months of acupuncture and herbs in an effort of achieving pregnancy, which was unsuccessful. However, now I’ve noticed the last few months my head hair seems to be thinning and falling out a lot, and also I have noticed black spots in my field of vision. I was wondering if all …

What could it mean if there are synptoms of a hernia in the lower back and also the feeling of “moving air” while pressing CV4/5 area.? It probably has to do with tension/stress/indigestion but any other advice would be much appreciated. Extra indications: pain near spleen/pancreas after eating swe…

how to treat shin splints.

I have chronic problem of stomach heviness and gas and loose and bulky stool .if i use stomach 36acup point tone by byol magent i get i acidity in sto.ch

Hi. Could you please send me the link of product that may being helpful in cases of leucorrhea(leukorrhea) which caused by spleen qi deficiency (internal dampness) Thank you

I got throat infection if I drink water in between meal and I also feel painabd havyness in stomach after taking breakfast and fell better after going to toilet otherwise extremely fell faitgh and restless and headache. I feel pain when I put pressure on right side of navel and it never goes . not…

i’ve had hyperhidrosis most of my life with sweaty palms, feet, armpits and groin, and by sweaty i mean dripping at times. i read bu zhong yi qi wan was something to try and was hoping for some kind of confirmation if this is a good idea. i’m a 43 yo female in good health otherwise, not pregnant or…

is there any solution for pale lips? she is 14, looks healthy but is always tired and her lips are very pale always

Is a white tongue coat normal in TCM? I have seen the red tongue and bluish places on the tongue. I have teeth marks that isn’t normal. But my tongue is white. That’s good in Western medicine I believe.

Hi, I am a relatively new student in TCM and have this question: is inguinal hernia due to Spleen-qi deficiency? There are signs of Spleen-qi deficiency - tiredness, loose stools, poor appetite, weak limbs, pale tongue and complexion. And there is the hernia. At first I associated it with the funct…

Can ren shen yang ying formula be used while breastfeeding? How is this formula effects milk production?

Need varicose vein Acupuncture point

I have problems connected with hypoglicemia. I am not diabetic. Problems include shaking, dizzy, vertigo, nightmare, night swaeting… Do you have any solution for this issues? Thank you

please inform me by email which part of my body should i massage if i feel sleepy in the afternoonand what are the methods on how to keep awake in the fternoon. regards

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