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Helping inducing labour

published: 08-11-2020

Which safe points could be used to help induce labour? This woman that is expecting a baby she is at the 41week +3 days…

Varicocele grade 3

published: 04-03-2020

Hi I would like to know, as a shiatsu student that is still learning, how to help a young man (29yo) suffering of Vari…

Itching in body

published: 04-11-2018

I and my family members are affected with itching. Itching in the areas are genetal organs, in thigh, around belly in t…

HELP! - I don't know where to start with a case

published: 01-05-2018

Hello, I am a recent graduate of TCM (new practitioner). I had a new patient today that I need some guidence with. Age …

I would like to help me choose some form of botanicals and acu points for cooley disease thalassemia

published: 05-31-2017

Tongue with deep crack in the medium warmth of the limb body slightly red but in the center almost purple, toothmarks. …

What is it (Gonorrhea?), how cure?

published: 05-17-2017

Since approximately 8 months, I have noticed that a surface has been growing on the side of the mouth of my glans, that…

Acupressure point for Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

published: 05-27-2016

Is there no acupressure point for treating ED?

Missed Abortion\Miscarriage

published: 12-29-2015

I am looking for some guidance on treating a woman who has experienced a missed abortion and would like to try acupunct…

Contraction of gallbladder

published: 11-23-2015

Can i ask some comments about contraction of gallbladder, its cause and some acu points. The patient becomes thin, alwa…

Post Herpetic Neuralgia treatment?

published: 03-19-2015

Wondering if anyone has experience with Post Herpetic Neuralgia? Upon a cursory internet search, it seems that hua tuo…

Joint stiffness after femur fracture

published: 10-17-2014

Dear dr, one of my family friend, aged 50 had met with femur fracture in her right leg. plate was fixed and it’s been 2…

Fibroid Problem

published: 03-05-2014

Dear Doctor I am practicing Acupressure and one of my patient is stuggling for Fibroids in Utures. The size of the Fibr…

Large Intestine Removed-Ulcerative Colitis

published: 02-04-2014

ulcerative colitis I have a patient with ulcerative colitis and has had her Large Intestine removed. The problem for he…

TCM - pain behind the patella

published: 04-13-2012

hi all. i was looking for a treatment protocol for general knee problems but could not find one in the conditions secti…

Myopathy in Legs after Medication

published: 06-28-2010

I have an older patient who has had numbness from his mid-shin down through his feet on both sides. This was apparen…

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