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chronic high tension in muscles along the SI meridian; what herbs/diet could soothe

published: 06-24-2022

hey yall. i've had a chronic -- and multi-generational -- pattern going on where there's hypertension in the arms, shou…

Retinal Detachment, kindly ask for help...

published: 04-22-2022

hi, I kindly ask for help, I'm desperate. as a child in my left eye I lost my sight due to trauma. I am 38 years old an…

Helping inducing labour

published: 08-11-2020

Which safe points could be used to help induce labour? This woman that is expecting a baby she is at the 41week +3 days…

About Spleen 4 for cold feet and Yang

published: 03-18-2020

Chad Is Spleen 4 for Spleen Yang? Also is it suitable for cold feet as feet get cold

How to stop sleepy in the afternoon

published: 01-21-2017

please inform me by email which part of my body should i massage if i feel sleepy in the afternoonand what are the meth…

Bloating and constipation

published: 01-06-2017

Can anyone help with a treatment formulation for bloating after eating and constipation? What should I be looking for w…

Autoimmune diseases

published: 12-02-2016

What would be acupuncture/tong ren points for a person who has 5 autoimmune diseases?

Acupressure point for Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

published: 05-27-2016

Is there no acupressure point for treating ED?

Nervous weakness in old age

published: 03-04-2016

Hi… My father is 76 old age person and he is diabetic patient since 2002 and recently he is suffering from severe weakn…

Activated ovaries acupressure points

published: 08-05-2015

What are the main points for those who want in the process of artificial insemination?

Study Finds Labor Induction with Acupuncture Helpful and Cost Effective Vs. Conventional Methods

published: 07-12-2015

Can you give specifik point for induce labor, which condition that we can use it??

Liver deficiency

published: 10-13-2014

Dear dr, my son aged 2, is frequently attacked by cold, followed by cough and wheezing. He is currently on Homoeo treat…

Alternative to Bai Zhu

published: 05-19-2014

Bai Zhu is the only herb that my spleen is responsive to. I've been taking Rou Gui and Sheng Jiang for a long time in m…

Cervical Dystonia

published: 03-03-2013

Has anyone had good treatment success with a western condition called "Cervical Dystonia"? This particular case present…

Collapse during acupuncture

published: 10-28-2011

Hello, first I would like to apologize for starting so many topics recently, but it seems I just have so many questions…

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