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Retinal Detachment, kindly ask for help...

published: 04-22-2022

hi, I kindly ask for help, I'm desperate. as a child in my left eye I lost my sight due to trauma. I am 38 years old an…

Treatment for Pepper Spray?

published: 02-17-2017

I’m an acupuncturist.I accidentally got pepper sprayed in the eyes and face.Any acupuncture pts you can think of in an …

What does Local Point mean under point clinical uses?

published: 09-12-2016

Just wondering what Local Point means, and why some of the descriptions for what each point is helpful for only state L…

Points for Amblyopia

published: 03-03-2013

Hello. I have Amblyopia on my left eye since I was a child. The eye doesn't have any visual defects rather than it does…

Re: how to treat cataract in eyes

published: 08-04-2007

to: yyh_staff, Can i ask some acupuncture points for treating a cataract in eyes? I already used the points of L…

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