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What is the uses of weizhong point in bladder meridian?

published: 06-13-2018

what is the uses of weizhong point in bladder meridian?

Itching in body

published: 04-11-2018

I and my family members are affected with itching. Itching in the areas are genetal organs, in thigh, around belly in t…

HELP! - I don't know where to start with a case

published: 01-05-2018

Hello, I am a recent graduate of TCM (new practitioner). I had a new patient today that I need some guidence with. Age …

Treatment points for treatment of itchy skin after chemotherapy

published: 01-18-2017

What points can I use safely to settle itchy skin response to chemotherapy?

Pain in leg after acupuncture

published: 10-11-2016

I’ve recently been introduced to acupuncture. It really seemed to be helping me. Today was my 4th visit and when a nee…

Liver spleen disharmony diagnosis check

published: 06-08-2016

I have a patient that has this fairly severely right now. I too thought SP qi deficiency with LR qi stagnation at firs…

Itching on the back

published: 03-17-2016

Please advise the best point for itching on the back.

Post Herpetic Neuralgia treatment?

published: 03-19-2015

Wondering if anyone has experience with Post Herpetic Neuralgia? Upon a cursory internet search, it seems that hua tuo…

Scietica painupressure points for sciatica pain

published: 02-05-2015

acupressure points for sciatica pain

Intense pain behind knee after acupuncture [from PT]

published: 12-15-2013

Hello all, I'm 36yo male and have persistent pain behind my right knee after first acupuncture session. I have small ce…

Bulging discs L4 right side, L5 left side, numbness felt under pad around little toe, sciatic pain

published: 12-05-2013

Hi there, I am treating a man who injured his back 3 years back twisting and lifting a freezer out of his car.causing b…

Cervical Dystonia

published: 03-03-2013

Has anyone had good treatment success with a western condition called "Cervical Dystonia"? This particular case present…

Pin and needles and numbess of Toes

published: 05-17-2012

I've just started treating a new client who after a back accident about 3 months ago is now experiencing numbness, pins…

Itching near the joints

published: 12-01-2011

Submitted By: Vidhya ghopuSir , Is the lymphatic system responsible for itching in the skin (in same area on both righ…

Headach / Tong Ren

published: 06-19-2011

Hi, I have a question to Tong Ren healing. I've been diagnosed a few years back with a underfunctional thyroid. I came …

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