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Burning post acupuncture treatment?

published: 02-26-2022 (2) comments

Hi, I received a 2nd treatment today for anxiety.  He put a needle in the …

Waking hot with palpitations

published: 05-18-2020 (1) comment

Seeking treatment for anxiety, palpitation heat aversion/intolerance witho…

Anxiety and mild panic attack

published: 04-29-2020 (1) comment

Hi, I am looking for traditional Chinese medicine that could help with anx…

Best Herbal Formulas for PTSD?

published: 06-05-2019 (2) comments

Hi, I’m a student of acupuncture and oriental medicine. I’m doing a paper …

Case Study - Anxiety (02/15/10) - discussion (2019-03-17 06:59:39am)

published: 03-18-2019 (1) comment

Related Post @ Case Study - Anxiety (02/15/10) - Acupuncture - Theory | Ch…

Xiao-chai-hu-tang for anxiety

published: 01-17-2019 (1) comment

My 17 years old has migraine and anxiety i took her to acupuncture and th…

Severe anxiety, fire, possibly spleen yin deficiency?

published: 05-16-2018 (5) comments

So this is my issue for the past 8 years… I’ve struggling with this issue…

SNRI side effects and withdrawal

published: 05-01-2018 (1) comment

My son’s doctor prescribed Cymbalta for him about a year ago for anxiety. …

How to treat mentally unstable person through acupuncture

published: 04-08-2018 (3) comments

how to treat mentally unstable person through acupuncture

Severe health anxiety

published: 02-08-2018 (2) comments

Searching for help with severe anxiety. Constant health worry and fear

Mental illness Blood humor problems Anemia

published: 09-09-2017 (4) comments

I am interested in a Chinese medicine approach to my illnesses problem. I …

Herbel treatment

published: 09-06-2017 (1) comment

Which one of the herbel should i use for anxeity?

Rapid pulse & Chinese medicine

published: 06-26-2017 (3) comments

I have normal pulse 72 to 90 for 2 to 3 days ,then pulse will go up to app…

Chinese herb for addiction

published: 03-18-2016 (1) comment

What kind of Chinese herb with acupuncture could I use for addiction

Acupuncture and mind

published: 10-27-2014 (3) comments

Hello everybody, I would like to know if somebody knows which acupuncture…

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