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Nausea Is Associated With 8 TCM Herbs

Clears shao yang disorders and reduces fever - alternating chills and fever, bitter taste in the mouth, irritability, vomiting, stifling sensation in the chest. Relieves liver qi stagnation (often used with Bai Shao) - vertigo, menstrual disorders, chest and flank pain, the most common herb to tre…

Aromatically transforms turbid dampness - abdominal distention, nausea, vomiting. Harmonizes middle burner, stops vomiting due to dampness. Releases the exterior (wind-damp-cold, summer heat), stomach flu.

Promotes the movement of Qi, alleviates pain - stagnant qi of the stomach and/or spleen causing lack of appetite, abdominal pain, distention, nausea; liver or gallbladder qi stagnation causing flank pain, distention. Regulates stagnated Qi in the intestines - diarrhea, abdominal pain (common herb …

Aromatically transforms middle burner dampness - stifling sensation in the chest, nausea. As it has a neutral property and doesn't cause dryness it can be used for damp-heat conditions - halitosis, excess saliva. Summer heat with nausea. Often used with Huo Xiang.

Transforms phlegm, clears lung heat - lung heat patterns with cough. Harmonizes the stomach, clears stomach heat, redirects rebellious stomach qi - nausea, vomiting, hiccups, belching. Often fried in honey to strengthen the lung moistening function, or in ginger juice to increase its ability to s…

Transforms dampness, stops vomiting - nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea. Promotes movement of Qi, strengthens stomach. Calms the fetus, morning sickness. Prevents tonifying herbs from causing stagnation. (See also Bai Dou Kou, Yi Zhi Ren)

Warms the middle, disperses cold, relieves constraint in the liver channel and alleviates pain - headaches, nausea, cold hernia in the liver channel region. Redirects stomach Qi downwards - due to liver and/or stomach disharmony. Warms the spleen and expels damp cold, stops diarrhea. Leads fire …

Release the exterior, disperse cold - wind-cold w/fever Resolve qi stagnation, open chest - vomiting, nausea Calm restless fetus - morning sickness Seafood poisoning - alone or in combination w/other herbs

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