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Zhuang Gu Guan Jie Wan Herbal Formula Classifications and Usages

The herbal formula "zhuang gu guan jie wan" , 壮骨关节丸, which in english is "invigorate bone and joint pills", is categorized within the "expel dampness" functional grouping and within the "dispel wind-dampness" sub-category.

You may also see this formula referenced by: Zhuang Yao Jian Shen Pian.

Of many possible clinical applications, it may be considered to influence the following issues/symptoms:

  • Damp and Cold bi-syndromes - arthritis (osteo primarily), joint pain, muscles aches that is aggravated with cold and/or damp weather - weakness of the knee, pain in lower back, general weakness, pain in joints, stiffness of joints, and pain that moves around. 

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    For many reasons such as availability, ecological choices, and/or price, each manufacturer or herbalist may well adjust the exact composition of a specific formula. Zhuang Gu Guan Jie Wan is generally comprised of the following herbs:

  • Du Huo (Angelica Root) - Dispels wind-cold-damp - bi syndromes, especially lower bac…
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  • Du Zhong (Eucommia Bark) - Tonify liver and kidneys, strengthen sinews and bones - wea…
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  • Gu Sui Bu (Drynaria Rhizome) - Tonify kidneys - weak low back and knee, diarrhea, tinnitus…
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  • Ji Xue Teng (Millettia Vine) - Promotes the movement of blood, tonify the blood - blood de…
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  • Sheng Di Huang (Rehmannia) - Clears Heat, Cools Blood. High fever, thirst, scarlet tongu…
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  • Xu Duan (Japanese Teasel Root) - Tonify liver and kidney, strengthen sinews and bones - low…
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  • Yin Yang Huo (Arial Parts of Epimedium, Horny Goat Weed) - Tonify kidney yang - impotence, spermatorrhea, frequent uri…
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    A single formula, alone, may not be sufficient to fully address a particular TCM diagnostic pattern. Formulas may be used alone, in combinations, and/or in stages. Zhuang Gu Guan Jie Wan is a candidate for consideration when needing to influence liver wind, spleen invasion - cold damp, spleen qi deficiency and/or stomach dampness.

    Zhuang Gu Guan Jie Wan may potentially be used, in coordination with a well tailored overall approach, to influence the following conditions: arthritis (bi syndromes), back pain, knee pain and/or osteoarthritis (oa)

    As noted above, zhuang gu guan jie wan is within the expel dampness functional group. And it appears within the sub-category "dispel wind-dampness", which contains the following formulas:

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  • Xiao Huo Luo Wan (Minor Invigorate Channels Pills) - Coming Soon...
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    All formulas in the primary category of "expel dampness" are listed below.

    (truncated intro "...dampness in chinese medicine terms is a part of the yin energy of the body and has the effect of slowing and blocking the flow of energy in…)".

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