Kidney Yang Deficiency

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Seeking another opinion on new formulation

published: 01-30-2022 (2) comments

Hello, I'm just seeking reassurance on my new formulation. I was originall…

How to understand yin and yang

published: 09-30-2021 (1) comment

Why psoriasis and eczema are taken as yin excessive.

Question about da bu yin wan

published: 10-29-2018 (1) comment

If I take this for hot flashes , will I gain weight

Edema BOdy Swelling

published: 04-23-2018 (1) comment

Having fully Puffy body.Increasing body weight regularly.Having Puffy face…

Azospermi treatment

published: 12-27-2017 (2) comments

Would you suggest a treatment for azospermi?

Amenorrhea since I was 14yo (absence of menstruation)

published: 11-07-2017 (11) comments

Hello everyone, My menstruation came when I was 13yo and was quite irregul…

Internal healing/holistic healing

published: 11-04-2016 (4) comments

While in Central America I contracted a mosquito virus (Zika or Chikunguny…

D Aspartic Acid causing Brain fog, poor memory, fatigue,low libido.......Any help would be highly appreciated

published: 06-21-2016 (1) comment

Hi, I am posting this in hopes to receive some help on what steps to take …

Acupressure point for Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

published: 05-27-2016 (2) comments

Is there no acupressure point for treating ED?

Herbs for kidney yang deficiency

published: 01-07-2014 (2) comments

I was unable to find a direct answer for this question so i might as well …

Advice Needed - Tongue Photo Attached

published: 09-11-2012 (5) comments

Hi, I'm 28 years male and have the conditions listed. My two main concerns…

Deficency of kidney yin and yang qi

published: 07-17-2012 (5) comments

How condact together at the same time the treatment of the patient with th…

Double tinnitus problem

published: 06-29-2012 (12) comments

Hi, I have double problems with my tinnitus. I have had acupuncutre and I …

Pin and needles and numbess of Toes

published: 05-17-2012 (12) comments

I've just started treating a new client who after a back accident about 3 …

Low vitamin D levels

published: 07-15-2011 (9) comments

last week i have conducted Vitamin D test and i was really surprised to se…

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