Liver Blood Deficiency

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please could you explain why eye floaters happen and its treatment. thank you.

What would be some good points to treat dry skin? My main problem is dry heat, as I also have a very dry mouth… my skin gets a little bit better after using Sanogel / Enterosgel (I think this helps just put all the internal organs in balance) and milk thistle extract… But I was wondering if there a…

how to treat shin splints.

I am local accupuressure practioner in India. My brother has some problems - His feet soles and big toes are milky white in colour I mean it is not normal white. It is fungi type from inside. I checked his tongue it was dry (mostly in lower middle tongue), thin, pale. his immunity is very low. If …

Hello everyone, My menstruation came when I was 13yo and was quite irregular for a year. After that I did not have menstruation anymore and on my 14yo I started going to doctors. I am now 29yo and I haven’t got my period since then, just by taking the pill. Gynaecologist and other specialists did s…

Need varicose vein Acupuncture point

I have severe anxiety anytime I am somewhere I cant leave, examples are In a classroom, Church, or a roadtrip anywhere (even within 30 minutes of home) I start getting very anxious. This been really bad the last 5 years. I Noticed that I actually start getting depressed sometimes when Im really anx…

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