Liver Blood Deficiency

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Question regarding eye floaters

published: 10-04-2020 (1) comment

please could you explain why eye floaters happen and its treatment. thank …

Points for dry skin

published: 01-30-2020 (2) comments

What would be some good points to treat dry skin? My main problem is dry h…

How to treat shin splints

published: 05-14-2018 (1) comment

how to treat shin splints.

How to treat blood defeciency

published: 12-30-2017 (1) comment

I am local accupuressure practioner in India. My brother has some problems…

Amenorrhea since I was 14yo (absence of menstruation)

published: 11-07-2017 (11) comments

Hello everyone, My menstruation came when I was 13yo and was quite irregul…

Varicose vein Acupuncture point

published: 03-20-2017 (1) comment

Need varicose vein Acupuncture point

Anxiety Disorder

published: 09-26-2012 (1) comment

I have severe anxiety anytime I am somewhere I cant leave, examples are In…

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