Liver Blood Deficiency

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Liu Wei Di Huang Wan Formula Shown To Prevent Post-Menopause Atherosclerosis

published: 01-22-2020

While far from a universal application, the Chinese Herbal Formula liu wei di huang wan plays an important role for aid…

Ren Shen Yang Rong Wan Found Effective for Post Cancer Fatigue

published: 11-12-2019

The process of treating cancer can leave the patient exhausted on nearly every possible level. Even when treatments are…

Acupuncture Resolves Menstrual Cramps Regardless of Treatment Frequency and Technique

published: 07-31-2017

Acupuncture is used successfully to resolve a wide range of women's health issues. Menstrual issues such as dysmenorr…

My Liver is What?

published: 10-13-2009

The first in a series demystifying Chinese Medicine Theory     for Patients and the General Public Traditional Chines…

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