Liver Fire

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Fatigue and imbalance

published: 11-04-2019 (24) comments

I feel exhausted fatigue from environmental stress and study commitments.…

Psoriasis Accupuncher points

published: 07-23-2019 (1) comment

Provide psoriasis Accupuncher points

Qi Adequacy in the meridians

published: 07-05-2019 (3) comments

Hi, We most of the time discuss the impact of Qi deficiency across the mer…

Internal Tremor - legs mainly

published: 05-04-2018 (7) comments

Have you treated ‘internal tremor’ felt mainly in the legs and without obv…

Treatment for yang lack

published: 03-12-2018 (1) comment

Hi. Could you please send me the link of product that may being helpful in…

Liver Fire, Anxiety and Diet

published: 02-08-2018 (2) comments

I would like to ask your opinion on something Stephen, and I know this is …

Mumps and the relationship to liver channel

published: 04-09-2017 (1) comment

Is Pain and swelling of the neck associated with the liver channel as is t…

Internal/external conditions

published: 02-18-2017 (2) comments

Hi Guys, what is the significence of of internal/external conditions?

Benefits of ground turmeric root

published: 05-28-2016 (2) comments

I hear so much about the health preventative benefits of using dried groun…

Liver Fire, Tinnitus, Fear and Sinus Problems

published: 08-28-2014 (4) comments

Dear all, I was recently diagnosed with Liver Heat by my TCM doctor. I am…

Abundent Phlegm/Mucus

published: 01-27-2014 (1) comment

I would like some advice, to help remove the abundent amount of phlegm in …

Feeling HOT all the time

published: 01-11-2014 (4) comments

Hi, I've just joined and I have a question, please forgive me as I practic…

Can acupuncture treat body temperature imbalances

published: 08-16-2013 (2) comments

My husband suffers from heat exhaustion ( even if he is only in the sun fo…

Liver Depression

published: 01-16-2013 (1) comment

Hello I have been hearing the term Liver Depression a lot lately. Is this …

Chronic Sinusitis/Headaches

published: 05-07-2012 (7) comments

Hi. I have been suffering from chronic sinusitis for what seems to be my …

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