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I feel exhausted fatigue from environmental stress and study commitments. Also the last couple of days I caught a bad cold and the GP gave antibiotic and kortizon spray. taking it for 7 days From previous time I take Zao Ren Tang Pian Wan for 2 months now which the TCM practitioner suggeste…

Provide psoriasis Accupuncher points

Hi, We most of the time discuss the impact of Qi deficiency across the meridians. What about Qi Adequacy? What influence does it have on the body? Thanks Bharath

Have you treated ‘internal tremor’ felt mainly in the legs and without obvious external shaking? Maybe related to Thyroid issues and/or anxiety. Would the heart meridian points be applicable as used in ‘essential tremor’. Kind regards. Tony

Hi. Could you please send me the link of product that may being helpful in cases of leucorrhea(leukorrhea) which caused by spleen qi deficiency (internal dampness) Thank you

I would like to ask your opinion on something Stephen, and I know this is your opinion. As I believe you know I have many emotional problems myself too. Can bad anxiety/panic be caused by liver fire rising? And then it moves up to heart fire blazing? Sometimes if I can take care of this a bit (herb…

Is Pain and swelling of the neck associated with the liver channel as is testicular swelling and pain. Is the Heat due to external pathogenic factor and liver heat rising?

Hi Guys, what is the significence of of internal/external conditions?

I hear so much about the health preventative benefits of using dried ground turmeric root in food daily, and recently read an article online that says adding ground black pepper helps in the absorption of the turmeric during digestion. Please, what are your thoughts on this.

Dear all, I was recently diagnosed with Liver Heat by my TCM doctor. I am now on week 6 of my treatment with daily herbal decoctions. Could anyone offer some additional insight on the condition with the correct terminology as my doctor is not a native English speaker? I would appreciate any furthe…

I would like some advice, to help remove the abundent amount of phlegm in my body. I feel bloated, hot and seem to always have phlegm in my throat. I sometimes weeze and I am almost always out of breath.

Hi, I've just joined and I have a question, please forgive me as I practice western medicine and I don't know the TCM terms or diagnosis. So I will most likely not be able to give the correct terms. My husband is being treated by a TCM practitioner for being internally hot all the time, summer win…

My husband suffers from heat exhaustion ( even if he is only in the sun for 15 minutes and even if he isn't in extreme heat). He has flu like symptoms, headaches. He also "runs warm" during 50 degree weather. He is depressed from the sun! Can acupuncture help regulate his body temperature?

Hello I have been hearing the term Liver Depression a lot lately. Is this yet another term/translation for something I may have already studied or a different concept all together. IE Is it an Excess or DFNCY condition or neither? It is Etiology? Syndrome? Diagnosis? Thanks. I have studied: LR Defi…

Hi. I have been suffering from chronic sinusitis for what seems to be my entire life. I pretty much have intense pressure headaches in my face, ears, eyes, head and teeth daily. I've had my septum fixed to no avail and have taken all sorts of antibiotics (over the course of about 7 years). I re…

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