Spleen And Stomach Damp Heat

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Greetings All dears. A year ago I got my face skin cleared by using some acupoints from this website. But now I have forgot which special points helped me to clear all that abdomen issue and acne as both are related. I have acne and same abdomen heat and cooling issues as I had a year ago.  I have …

My husband and son have been getting boils for more than 2 years. There are 3 other females in the house, but we are all unaffected. I have never tried TCM but am willing to give it a try. We have tried various herbal remedies over the years but they still keep coming.

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Fungal infection on the hips and groin

Hi! I’ve been suffering from frequently recurring canker sores and I’ve noticed that it comes up usually when my monthly period is about to start so I’m suspecting that it has something to do with hormones. When I get stressed, the sores also appear but stress can be managed. My problem is how can …

While in Central America I contracted a mosquito virus (Zika or Chikungunya) in addition to severe incompatibility with the humid climate. Symptoms: severe whole body inflammation; immobilizing inflammation in soles of feet; painful inflammation of fingers and hand joints; lethargy; As swelling sub…

Hello, Over the past couple of months my stomach has started to bloat up after eating or drinking anything?

Can anyone recommend a good lymph formula for deficient Spleen Qi/excessive dampness? Thank you!

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